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Welcome to the Suburban Jr Wrestling League website.
This site is for its members to provide information and communications. We hope you enjoy your visit:

News and Information

Reminder: Home Teams are responsible for recording and submitting match reports and certified weight information. Using the check box (*) and Actual weight input fields on a wrestlers 1st season match report enters a wrestlers certified weight.

(Note: System defaults to weight class wrestled for Certified Weight info, when no Actual weight is entered and it's the wrestlers 1st season match.) Certified weights can only be changed by website administrator.

To certify additional wrestlers who weigh-in but DO NOT wrestle in 1st match (certification weight). Send certification weigh-in information to

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Quick League Stuff:
By-Laws 10/16/14
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Weigh-In Report

Quick Schedule:
1/22/2018 Bloomfield vs Millburn @ Bloomfield 7pm
1/22/2018 Montclair vs Livingston @ Montclair 7:30pm
1/22/2018 Maplewood vs Belleville @ Maplewood 7pm
1/23/2018 Nutley vs Livingston @ Nutley 6pm
1/23/2018 Verona vs Caldwell @ Verona 7:30 pm
1/24/2018 West Essex vs Cedar Grove @ West Essex 6pm
1/25/2018 West Orange vs West Essex @ West Orange 7pm
1/26/2018 West Orange vs Montclair West Orange 7pm
1/26/2018 Livingston vs Millburn @ Livingston 7:30pm LHS
1/27/2018 Verona vs Bloomfield Verona 9am
1/27/2018 Caldwell vs Belleville @ Caldwell 10am
1/27/2018 Montclair vs Maplewood @ Maplewood 2:30pm

Quick Results:
1/16/2018 - Bloomfield 39,  Cedar Grove 45
1/17/2018 - Glen Ridge 12,  Caldwell 74
1/18/2018 - Maplewood 0,  West Essex 90
1/20/2018 - Caldwell 68,  Montclair 18
1/20/2018 - West Essex 92,  Glen Ridge 0
1/20/2018 - West Orange 56,  Maplewood 25

Pending Match Reports:
1/8/2018 Montclair and Belleville
1/13/2018 Livingston and Glen Ridge
1/20/2018 Millburn and Belleville

Match Reports
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